German artist Andreas von Chrzanowski aka case will be exhibiting a new series of works on canvas at Carmichael Gallery on October 8 2010. Entitled The L.A. case, it is his first US solo exhibition and the second time he has exhibited at Carmichael Gallery.

von Chrzanowski’s new body of work references imagery from elaborate, self-staged photo shoots using spray paint on canvas. Combining exacting technical expertise with an innovative hint of liberation and irony, he investigates the parallels that exist between the conflicting states of convention and controversy, manipulating beauty in a dark, thrilling and provocative manner.

case_carmichael gallery

von Chrzanowski is widely recognized as one of the best photorealistic spray paint artists in the world. His groundbreaking technique, detailed in the book Ma’Claim: Photorealistic Graffiti, Falk Lehmann and Steffen Petermann, Publikat Verlags und Handels GmbH and Co. KG, Germany, 2006, has set new standards and established a strong international collector base and fan network.

Born in Germany in 1979, von Chrzanowski has exhibited his fine art in galleries in the UK, Germany and US. He achieved his Diploma in Art Restoration and Conservation from Erfurt University Of Applied Sciences. He is also a founding member of graffiti crew Ma’Claim (comprised of Akut, case (von Chrzanowski), Rusk and Tasso) a group of artists renowned throughout the world for their striking photorealistic murals. He currently lives and works in Frankfurt.

Watch case create one of the pieces for the show in this great video below. Then check out this behind the scenes peek at one of his photo shoots here.