Los Angeles Gallery PRISM launches its newest exhibition on December 16th. ‘Over Time’ is the newest selection of works by Australian artist, Jonathan Zawada. Running through till February, Zawada’s work is not to be missed.

The Sydney-based artist will present paintings, drawings and a video installation in his first solo show in the United States. Zawada deftly works in the different mediums, exploring though each a response to his self-imposed query of creating visible permanence to his daily and virtual experiences.

The exhibition focuses on large-scale landscape paintings whose topographies are derived from graph data. Zawada collected and compared a variety of data series that extrapolate information over time, such as “Marijuana usage among year 12 students vs. CD and Vinyl record sales between 1975 and 2000” or “Value of land per square meter in Second Life vs. Value of land per square foot in Dubai between 2007 and 2009.” The data is then manipulated through a 3D fractal program and the resulting environment becomes a virtual abstraction that mimics a mountainous landscape.

Painted on canvas, the landscapes are a response to the “virtual” reality of digital experiences that are highlighted by the intrinsic flatness and surreal color palate. Invoking the robotics hypothesis of the “Uncanny Valley,” the works take on an android quality, a sense of reality but not quite, registering with the viewer as both familiar and dissimilar.  This theme carries through to his drawings, juxtaposing the hyper-real with the conceptually abstract and underlining the temporality of human experience.

Jonathan Zawada is an internationally renowned artist, graphic designer and creative director whose work spans the art, music, publishing, fashion and corporate industries. He recently took part in a 2010 group exhibition titled Disorder Disorder at the Penrith Regional Gallery in Emu Plains, Australia, as well as in a 2010 group exhibition at the SCION space in Los Angeles titled, “It Was on Earth That I Knew Joy”. In 2008, he had a solo exhibition at Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Australia titled “Boolean Values.” In addition to showing his artwork, Zawada has also been the recipient of an ARIA and a British D&AD award for his graphic work. He has also participated in judging panels for AWARD and presented at several conferences, including AGDA and Semi Permanent.

Info: Evil Monito