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As if Canadian fashion designer Raif Adelberg wasn’t busy enough running the Richard Kidd, Naked, RAIF, and Dead Boys Club House fashion lines he is also an acclaimed artist.  His latest exhibition “All I have are my dreams” is set to open in London next week, and as you would expect from such a prolific creative mind its spread across three different venues.  “All I have are my dreams”  at the Doyle Devere gallery sees Adelberg’s latest project and first every photographic exhibition in London and features images of models in clown make-up draped in Stars and Stripes flags.  Holster Projects and Cinephilia will also be simultaneously holding a retrospective of his work including his Dead Boys Club project which appropriates his much loved punk aesthetic to envoke the spirit of anarchy and freedom of speech.

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The exhibition opens on 10th November, visit Doyle Devere for more information.