The Untitled Gallery in Los Angeles recently hosted a show by Artist and CDG Guerrilla Store +1 213 co-owner Brett Westfall. The show saw a great turnout of Westfall’s friends, family, and Guerrilla Store clientele and supporters, who came in full force to support, appreciate, and purchase works from the artist. I went to check the opening of the show that Westfall worked so diligently on and was very pleased by the works amassed. The large paintings featured playful characters such as a bmx’ing dinosaur, a very relaxed hamburger enjoying its time on top of a giant mushroom, and unicorns. Highlights for me included a predominantly blue and white colored painting that featured a serene forest setting with great details such as flowers, leaves, and small animals and insects interjected amongst the trees. Another highlight for me was a series of 3 photographs featuring beautiful natural settings with Westfall addiing his special touch with paintings of a cat equipped with martial art skills, an intricate tree stump, and some insects. Check the images below for a closer look.