As any photographer knows, capturing that special moment can sometimes be a difficult task if any time issues occur. To help eliminate some of those unfortunate time circumstances, the fine folks at Beep Industries have created Red Pop, an iPhone attachable shoot button. Not only does the device allow users to grab photos with one hand instead of two, no longer will one have to waist any precious seconds trying to preciously tap the button located on the touch screen. The aluminium and plastic device connects onto your iPhone with a 30-pin dock connector and works alongside a free app to save photos directly to your album and allows for quick and easy sharing capabilities. The product has already more than doubled the amount of funding needed to go into production through Kickstarter, and are looking to be in stores by September. If you’re looking into being one of the first to own one, you can pre-order your very own for $75 online from the Red Pop online site.

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One Response

  1. Nik

    the concept is cool and definitely required, but I am afraid the execution is not right… Needs more user scenario considerations…