Last December NIKE partnered with (RED) and made a commitment to fight HIV and Aids in Africa. Hundreds of thousands laced up to support the fight, on the pitch. In the run up to the summer of Football, NIKE took the message of Lace Up Save Lives into some of the most inspiring cities in the world. This is Tied Together. A story about action inspiring reaction. A 120 hours relay race in NYC, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris.

A genuine approach to creating awareness, and carrying through a philosophy which can be transposed into any situation. We spoke with Director Kai Regan, about the project and its unique approach.

SLAMXHYPE: Tell us about your knowledge of (RED) leading into Tied Together, and how has that changed?

Kai Regan: I knew (RED) was a charity but I really didn’t know exactly what it was. I saw the billboards and various collaborations but honestly didn’t really know what it was about. I now realize how it really WORKS. The money made from these product collaborations is donated to the programs that provide medicine and help fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.

After I saw the Lazarus Effect I truly saw things in a new light and absorbed the concept of how LACE UP. SAVE LIVES actually works. The goal for Tied Together film is to show people how by participating on any level your actually helping people in need. I think thats really important for the audience and people in general to comprehend how this program works and how to get involved.

SLAMXHYPE: What was unique about Tied Together, (RED) do a lot of projects to create awareness for their great cause, what makes Tied Together stand out?

Kai Regan: Tied Together was using a grassroots approach to awareness and participation. We thought about the fact that a billboard in Times Square doesn’t really DO anything these days. People listen to people close to them and through word of mouth not through billboards.We wanted to create a movement of people who do things in their lives and know how to talk about it.

We reached out to creatives, musicians, actors, artists, and athletes to go about charity with a action based spirit to inspire the audience and communities in each of the 5 cities to get involved. The concept was to create real time awareness with the relay online for 120 hours straight in 5 cities with creatives around the world while the relay was happening.

We then made a film about the curated participants who do things differently in life and applied that to charity and really show the world how you can do something simple fun and creative and it matters.

SLAMXHYPE: Not only did you direct the film, but you ran the relay too, what was the general vibe and feeling you had while running and being a part of it?

Kai Regan: I believe in doing. I believe that in order to really direct a film about the project and have a clear perspective you have to be a part of it, that goes from buying the laces and running the route like everyone else. Simple actions that help create a reaction and hopefully that understanding is in the film it was supposed to show you first hand what it did and why we did it.

SLAMXHYPE: What made Tied Together work so well, for some reason, there was no drop in energy, even though the project travelled the globe?

Kai Regan: Its worked because people made it theirs. It was personal, and people did different things around the world with the same idea, but it kept on growing and changing it was awesome to watch.

It truly was people acting and reacting and it kept on going…

SLAMXHYPE: As a Director, what was your general idea behind the film? and how you wanted it to come through?

Kai Regan: I want people to be inspired. I want to people to realize that if you work together you can really change things.

Please support (RED) and the LACE UP. SAVE LIVES initiative, buy the laces here.