When trying to explain to people the term pop art or even pop culture, I often find myself confused, given the fact that alot of pop art especially is actually based around an artists childhood or popularity of the past, or atleast popularity of today but in a traditional sense. The internet plays a huge part in our world today and is the leading force in today’s media, which in defination atleast is a major source of pop culture. Is hacking the new art? “A global movement is hacking, subverting and critiquing the hardware, software, content, visuals — even the philosophy of the wired world.” Read this article in the New York Times to see what is discussed as a new form of art.

“This is known as ‘glitch art,”’ said Paul Pieroni, co-curator of SEVENTEEN, a gallery in east London that has been a pioneer in showing technology-driven work in Britain. “It is essentially the aesthetization of a computer fault.