As contemporary art continues to move towards the mainstream art fans seem to be falling over themselves to level more and more criticism at it, from the commercial nature of some of the YBA alumni to “street artists” selling out, there seems to be a wave of negativity from both the art establishment and enthusiasts.  However, one of the great things that is often overlooked about the rise of contemporary art is the accessibility it offers the average person who wouldn’t usually engage with high art, and never enter an art gallery.

As a result we have seen many great shows across the globe over the last few years, and not just in the capital or major cities, many provincial towns have had a look in too.  The most notable of these was the amazing Banksy Summer Show at the Bristol Museum, which saw people queing for over 3 hours to gain access, but many small local galleries have also put on impressive shows of their own.

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The latest of these is  “(R)Evolution of Urban Art” at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in England.  Billed as a street art show it contains some of the biggest names on the scene such as Banksy and Blek le Rat, but also well known contemporary artists such as Gavin Turk, Sam Talylor-Wood and Takashi Murakami.  Also included in the exhibition are canvases and limited edition prints from an impressive line up of Adam Neate, David Choe, Faile, Lorraine Robbins, Antony Micallef, Ron English, José Parlá, Elbow-toe, Candice Tripp and Swoon.  Check out the highlight video below and if your in Warrington this is a must visit.

“(R)Evolution of Urban Art” at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery is on until the 13 March 2010 .

Don’t forget to let us know if there are any good local art exhibitions happening in your town.