Of late Richard Prince has become one of the hottest properties in contemporary art evolving on his unique style of work which has seen him work with Louis Vuitton. This latest venture at the relatively unknown gallery Michael Kohn Gallery in LA will surprise a few. In addition, Prince who is accompanied by an artist who passed away in the 70’s, in Wallace Berman and the both have a very contrasting backround making this exhibition entitled ‘She’ an exciting prospect. The two have combine on a common subject where the two artists overlap in odd and unexpected ways; women hence the title.

Berman, who died at 50 in 1976, the victim of a drunken driver, was a kind of Beat guru flying just below the radar, showing his work in only one conventional gallery exhibition during his lifetime and popping into rare view in strange places: a cameo in Easy Rider; the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, where his face is wedged next to Tony Curtis’s, just below Jung’s.

By contrast Mr. Prince, 59, labored in obscurity for years but not exactly by choice: he wanted a larger audience and found it. For more than two decades he has been one of the most influential contemporary artists, and his work — paintings, photography, car-centric sculpture — has sold for many millions of dollars.

Richard Prince + Wallace Berman
Michael Kohn Gallery
01.15 – 03.08.09

Thanks to This Heart’s On Fire for the heads up.