London based artist Richie Culver is the latest subject of Freunde von Freunden’s look inside some of the world’s most creative people’s spaces. Shot during December, this is a look at Culver’s Notting Hill apartment (and temporary Studio) and accompanying interview. See all here.

Why did you come to London?
I felt there were opportunities here. That and a relationship I was in that didn’t last. But the hope of getting her back certainly kept me here for some time.

Do you see any disadvantages living in this city?
Coming from the place I grew up in it’s difficult to see any disadvantages. I only see opportunity and hope living here. The winters are long and can get you down for sure. Winter in London for me is really grim and seems never-ending. Then the summer comes and only seems to last for a week or two if you’re lucky, but I guess that’s England in general. London is what you make out of it. If you want to do anything – certainly in the creative fields – then London is where you have to be in England. You can only make your own disadvantages. I believe it’s there for the taking and anything is possible in London, just as it is in New York. There’s something very special happening in London at the moment. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world becomes aware of it.

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