“I look at architecture for inspiration. If I’m wondering where to go with a collection, all I need to do is open a Le Corbusier book, and the consistency, the integrity of his work tells me what my next step should be,” said Owens about his newest venture into a new medium of design. His new collection of furniture ‘Evolution’ is to be exhibited at Sebastian + Barquet’s gallery in London. Exhibiting in a gallery means that the furniture is seen as a piece of art work rather than a variation of a garment in one of his stores. The very limited edition pieces are for sale, but obviously come with prices that range from 1,800 pounds for a wooden bench to 22,000 pounds for a suede and wood sofa. As far as possible from traditional home wear, Rick Owens still likes the idea of creating lifestyle pieces as “It all has to belong to one universe,”. See some of the furniture on exhibit here.



Image WWD