‘Pavane for a Dead Princess’, Rick Owen’s latest site-specific installation of his furniture creations, currently showing at New York’s Salon 94, has sparked much interest, of which I imagine has erupted over the fact that people have a cult-ish love for the designer and everything he touches, and if that happens to be furniture, then, we’re there. A natural progression for Rick Owens, he talks to Nowness about the exhibition, his inspirations, the making processes, the difference in approach between himself and Michelle and his love of anything made from scratch.

As well as an insightful interview, Nowness have taken the time to take some beautiful images, very Rick Owens-esque which are also very much worth your time.

Exert below..

Nowness: I know you live by the ethic, “We don’t buy; we make.” Is that how the furniture you made for your house first came about?

Rick Owens: Yeah. If I could have done anything I wanted to, I would have stuffed it with [Jacques-Émile] Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand and Jean-Michel Frank—30s Art Deco furniture. But all of that is too small, besides the fact that it costs a fortune and we couldn’t afford to fill the house with it. And I don’t know if Michele would have even liked it—she doesn’t like that kind of furniture as much as I do. So we just customized everything because it makes it specifically ours.

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