One of our favourite designers, the great Philippe Starck has created a new chair alongside Eugeni Quiyllet exclusively for furniture manufacturers Driade. The Ring Chair will be available at Driade’s Milan retail store this week.

Every precious stone needs a setting, as Starck seems to remind us with the design of Ring. If the ‘top’ results from a rich, almost baroque gesture, as with the thick transparent methacrylate band curved with multiple radials, the ‘bottom’ muct be a firm base, a ‘stool-like’ structure with a strong plan. Varnished red+transparent , silver+transparent, white+transparent, black anthracite+transparent: Starck confidently sets out not only the colours of Ring, but also the chromatic benchmarks of luxury for the coming years. In terms of form, Starck is the only designer who could successfully carry out this operation, seeming to go back to the time when a young Philippe Starck was making his first steps in the flourishing France of the early ‘80s.

This kind of choice is sure instinctive and not ‘calculated’, and can probable be attributed to the design theme set out by Driade: a dining armchair entirely in plastic material, yet marking out a ‘high range’ and putting aside the excessive number of recent experiences in mass-oriented plastic seating.

Ring is one of the most technologically complex products designed by Philippe Starck and produced by driadestore. It has required extensive research and considerable investment, but has achieved an extraordinary result: the fact of being distinguished as a ‘timeless’ object.

Info: Dezeen

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