‘Yes! Sorry, Yasmine, I was in such a chaotic rush before I left New York but now I have some time in the sun and will answer your questions while I am on holiday, in Hungary, in the countryside over the weekend’. This sentence seemed much like what you would expect from any busy working artist about to flee to her home town for the summer, but once I had received her answers back, I realized that this sentence was actually far more insightful, than I had first imagined, into the world of Rita Ackermann.

An artist that is playing her career out with her own book of rules firmly pressed to her heart. She knows what she wants and there is no other way about it. It seems almost as if she was born into it. Fascinated by what the world had to offer she left her placid life in Hungary and opted for the buzz and chaos of New York City. Here, she found every piece she had been waiting for, and it all connected, and is still connecting for her today, having recently participated in the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

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