Renowned architect Zaha Hadid latest project has taken her to Glasgow to create the Riverside Museum, highlighted by an amazing zig-zagging, zinc-clad roof. Housing a museum of transport with over 3,000 exhibits, the building has a 36 metre-high glazed frontage overlooking the River Clyde. The building zig-zags back across its site from this pointy roofline in folds clad with patinated zinc panels. Strips of lighting inside follow seams in the green underside of the undulating roof.

The Riverside Museum is derived from its context. The historic development of the Clyde and the city of Glasgow is a unique legacy. Located where the Kelvin joins the Clyde, the museum’s design flows from the city to the river; symbolizing a dynamic relationship where the museum is the voice of both, connecting the city to the river and also the transition from one to the other. The museum is situated in very context of its origins, with its design actively encouraging connectivity between the exhibits and the wider environment.

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