Dazed & Confused talked to filmmaker Romain Gavras about his first full-length feature, Our Day Will Come, which is finally being screened in the UK at the Edinburgh Independent Film Festival this month. Our Day Will Come ‘explores the identity crisis of two redheaded men struggling to find their place in a bleak alternative reality in which they are hated by all and sundry for their decidedly auburn aspect’.

Film stills from Our Day Will Come will be showing at the ICA from next Thursday July 28th through to August 18th. A preview screening will be shown on July 28th at 8.30pm introduced by Romain Gavras, followed by an extended Q&A with Vincent Cassel and Romain.

Exert from the interview below:

The atmosphere of the film is almost surreal…

It definitely has that surrealist vibe. I wanted the audience to feel confused and to make a film that sort of stayed with them after they had seen it. I don’t like it when a filmmaker takes you by the hand and treats you like a spectator. It’s true that sometimes you can cut yourself off from a large part of the audience by not explaining everything but it was my first film – I wanted to do something that belonged to me. It’s like the scene with the red-haired girl. To be honest, I have no idea why I had her in the script, but I knew she had to be in there. My co-producer was like, ‘You’ve got to take her out, man. I don’t understand why she’s there! It’s too weird!’ But I just knew this scene had to be in the film, so I went and hung out near schools waiting for chubby red-haired girls to come out. (Laughs) I have a beard and I had a big coat on… It made me look really weird! Anyway, I found this girl outside of a playground. It was a strange moment because I really knew it was meant to be her. I can’t put words to it exactly, but when she came to the set everybody was like, ‘Okaaay, now we understand why she needs to here – we completely understand why she is in the film.’

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