We’re not one to spread gossip or rumours, infact in the past we’ve purposely stayed away from posting certain stories, instead waiting for the official word, but we feel this is news worthy, even if just for something to think about. Monday is the day when Los Angeles’ MOCA will hold a press conference to announce its new Director. Rumours are running wild, to the point where we are willing to post this, that Jeffrey Deitch is one of the main contenders for the role, leaving plenty of possible questions to be answered; What would happen to Deitch Projects? being the most pressing one.

If this is to be, and Deitch is announced at the MOCA’s new Director Monday, it would be a very bold move, and one that we would certainly support as Art Fans, that said, there is a much larger picture to consider, but the art world is changing and this could be a sign of the way things have evolved.

Source: AM/LA Times.