OHWOW’s Los Angeles location is in full gear – announcing its latest show, a solo exhibition of New York based artists Sam Fall’s newest works entitled ‘Somewhere To Go’.

The exhibition, presents three different series of work based on his interest in aesthetic trends in photography and their relation- ship to modernism/minimalism in painting and sculpture.

With one set of images, which Falls refers to as “construction paper fades,” the artist experiments with analog photo- graphic processes that abandon traditional materials and methods. He uses colored construction paper, which he masks out certain areas of, then exposes it to direct sunlight. The portions of paper that have been covered (with abstract or geometric shapes) retain the original, saturated color of the paper, while the negative areas become faded – gradated, as the sun’s intensity changes from traveling east to west.

Falls’ interest in the act of process and pureness of material eventually led him to fabricate his own paper by hand, creating two-dimensional, sculptural pieces out of abaca pulp and light-fast paper dyes. These pieces capture the look and feel of commercially produced construction paper, yet operate more as a monument to that material, as their aesthetic irregularity of size and shape is emphasized above construction paper’s common use.

Moving away from paper entirely, Falls then turned to fabric. With this work, the artist hand-dyed large pieces of material, with grommets placed in the corners, which he then staked in a canyon outside of Los Angeles with two-by-four foot lengths of wood laid down the center. By leaving the fabric outside for a period of time, exposing them to the elements of wind, sun, sleet, and rain, the material (outside of where the wood covered it) tells a story of a specific place and time through its faded color and frayed edges.

Falls’ work references modernist ideals of removing conventions of realism, such as subject matter and the picture plane, to draw attention instead to process and materials. Somewhere to Go illustrates the plasticity of photography, expanding its application and potential, while also renewing a dialogue with methods of abstraction and the principles of Modernism.

Sam Falls is a New York-based artist, with a graduate degree in Photographic Studies from Bard College. This is his first exhibition with OHWOW. His work is shown nationally and abroad, including previous exhibitions at Higher Pictures, New York, NY; International Center for Photography, New York, NY; and Fotografika, Stockholm, Sweden.

May 21 – June 11, 2011 | Opening Reception Saturday, May 21, 2011, 6-9pm

OHWOW Los Angeles
937 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069