André continues to release some exclusively branded products through Parisian retailer, colette, and host of his exhibition ‘Drawings’, this time collaborating on a capsule collection of Jewelry with Japanese brand Sandyclause. Starting at €199, there are pins, Bracelets and Pendant’s available.

Check out whats available at colette.

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  1. RalphieKameron

    These are some very interesting models. But since I got burned by buying a knockoff bracelet once, I only buy native American jewelry, witch comes with a certification that they are really genuine. I guess that another way to be safe would be to buy straight from the retailer's shop but I doubt that there is one for the models above in my city.

  2. DoctorPsi

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  3. IreneColdman

    Actually e-commerce has grown exponentially. People get the products, but they also spend more money they can afford. You know that old saying: “People like shiny thingies:))” ____________________________fancy diamond