Hypebeast has presented Adult film star, Sasha Grey’s signing at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles this week to celebrate the official release of her new book “Neu Sex.” Love her or loathe her, Miss Grey has been documenting her recent adventures with the assistance of her fiance, to capture her most intimate of moments on and off set. The book has been released through Vice Books and is available through select stockists.

Source: Hypebeast

One Response

  1. Meredith

    crappy 5 year old myspace photos slapped into idiotic looking frames is not art

    but grey is definitely doing well as a commodity for the masses as she admittedly set out to do

    which makes her almost as powerful as the mcmuffin
    they both teach people how to eat poorly and how to have sex poorly
    and now how to help in the destruction of the significance of the arts

    go team

    the good news is that obviously anyone who knows anything about art was not at this basically, no show show

    the gallerist does not even have anything about this show posted at their site
    which means that it is an attention stunt

    grey does not have the sense to see that she does not exist as an “artist” (if that is what you call a self proclaimed mcmuffin these days) on the gallery website

    she probably would not even care
    as long as the money and attention keep flowing all is well at grey incorporated