A few weeks ago we mentioned the upcoming solo show of Scott Campbell at Mexico’s Vice Gallery. We were pretty excited to see new works from the hugely popular artist, one of our favourites, but also one of the world’s most in demand contemporary artists. As expected with a Scott Campbell show, the works sold out opening night, but the show didn’t end there. Campbell had issues with the way the gallery executed and handled the show, and after seeing no genuine comeback from the owner, the NYC Tattoo come fine artist took his entire sold out show to the sidewalk and lit fire to it! A lesson to all gallery owners to show the upmost respect its artists! If Scott wasn’t held in high enough regard by us already, he’s just boosted his stock ten-fold.

Image: Purple

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  1. audra

    i love scott campbell. he has always been true, and apparently, still is.

  2. Customcranium

    As another artist, I think this just gives reason to people who call artists snobs, demanding, and too big for their britches. This sounds like a grown up baby tantrum. Or maybe publicity, but stupid all around.

    • Macroscopic

      Apparently you’ve never dealt with the assholes of the gallery world.

    • cruz

      It’s his art, let him do whatever the hell he wants to with it.

      People that post on slamxhype are so quick to slam artists for doing sh*t they’d never hall the balls to do themselves.

  3. David Hines

    I should have done that in Lisbon when the gallery sold out my show and didn’t pay me. Unfortunately I made the paintings on aluminum and would have needed a lot of gasoline. Good for Scott

  4. Lucyjones

    sounds like a big hype publicity stunt. Boring. He does mostly cartoons for christ sake, come on…

  5. Adam

    Guys.. I think if you knew Scott, you’d know 200% that this is not a publicity stunt!

  6. Juliekats

    Hey guys I live in Mexico, heard about this stuff and went over to check out Scott’s burnt pieces. Most of his work remains untouched, only 5 out of 17 pieces were damaged. Word on the street is this was a publicity stunt performed by Campbell.

  7. Illwilllive

    I don’t think it’s real. Y would u just burn up hours of work