With Scott Campbell set to launch what will be his first major solo presentation of his works at OHWOW, here is a look at a recent an impressive installation at Shoe Gallery in Miami. Recently featured in issue 1 of THE NEW ORDER, Campbell will showcase his unique aesthetic via sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography.

Scott Campbell was born and raised in a fishing camp, perched alongside a muddy bayou in rural Louisiana. With a clever knack for drawing and a fondness of stories, he began his career by doing illustration and assistant editing. Curiosity soon led him to experiment with tattooing and his immediate mastery of the art was undeniable. After a subsequent 18 month stint in Spain honing his craft, he packed up his skills and his tattoo machines and traveled for the next 5 years taking inspiration from the art and folklore of tattoo cultures all over the world.

In 2004, he opened Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Since then, it has grown to be the East Coast’s premier tattoo shop with a devout following of celebrity clientele.  Campbell has the taken the blue collar grit and lore of tattoo culture and extracted a visual language and wit that are supremely refined and deliberate. He has an uncanny ability to tell a story with any medium, flesh or otherwise.

Recently, Campbell has been featured in group exhibitions at the IIleana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre in Greece, the Massimo Carasi gallery in Milan, Italy, Colette in France, Moeller Snow Gallery in New York, and O.H.W.O.W. in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Scott Campbell
Make It Rain
April 11, 2009
OHWOW / 3100 NW 7 Avenue / Miami / Florida / 33127