With so much hype surrounding his new works exhibition, ‘If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long’ opening in New York a couple of weeks back, it does not stop there for Scott Campbell. This week, he is off to open another show in Monaco. But somewhere within all this going on, Scott Campbell opened up his studio to the guys at Nowness, so photographer Stefan Ruiz could give us an inside as to what makes this guy so untouchable right now.

They stated to have found “his studio filled as it is with tattoo memorabilia, cuttings and artifacts. The ephemera are sourced from locations as diverse as flea markets in Paris to prisons in Mexico City, where Campbell recently spent a month fashioning “Frankenstein-looking machines” (improvising devices from Walkman motors, melted toothbrushes and guitar strings) to work on inmates that he found were in sore need of a sense of individuality.”

See images below..

Images Nowness