OHWOW is set to open Things Get Better, a new solo exhibition of work by Scott Campbell. Consisting of a series of ink wash paintings on paper that realistically illustrate novel objects and improvised tools, the exhibition’s subject matter explores notions of invention and reinvention, or more accurately, human ingenuity.

Inspired by a previous project he undertook in Mexico City several years ago, Campbell has adapted the mark-making apparatus he saw used by prison inmates,  who recreated specific mechanisms by appropriating materials that were readily accessible, such as electric razors, guitar strings, and toothbrushes. Rather than fabricating “tools” for practical use, Campbell has arranged them as studies, imaging ingenuity as an art form, and in doing so, synthesizing artistic method and invention. “Things Get Better reiterates the optimism of ingenuity and the idea that parameters can inspire creative solutions”.

Things Get Better opens May 23 and runs through June 22, 2013.