N°1 ‘Collage’,3.1 PhillipLim & Natalie Gracia-Cetto

The curators behind the Six Scents have gone out and produced some beautiful ‘digital’ collage collaborations between the most contemporary and creative. 3.1 PhillipLim (with Natalie Gracia-Cetto), Damir Doma (with Yann Vasnier ), Henrik Vibskov (with Louise Turner), House of Holland (with Stephen Nielsen), Richard Nicoll (with Rodrigo Flores-Roux) and Toga (with Alexandra Kosinski.)
All of which combine Japanese botanical sculptor, Azuma’s, original artwork with elements of the product’s package design and the designer mandated fragrance concept for each scent.

N°5 ‘Nicoll 17’, Richard Nicoll & Rodrigo Flores-Roux

N°4 ‘Smell’, House of Holland & Stephen Nielsen

N°3 ‘Solar Donkey Power’, Henrik Vibskov & Louise Turner

N°2 ‘Ende/Anfang’, Damir Doma & Yann Vasnier

N°6 ‘Whiskey Caramélisé’, Toga & Alexandra Kosinski.

source: Anyonegirl