Sixeart returns to A.L.I.C.E Gallery in Brussels on April 24th for an exhibition entitled “Batalla Perdida”, in which he will present 4 new paintings and an exclusive, limited edition screenprint (his first ever!).  Sixeart will also create a site-specific installation in the new annex of the gallery’s Project Room.  Visit for more information.

The exhibition, also featuring Antoine Bouillot  and Olivier Kosta-Théfaine aka STAK, will be on view through May 23rd, 2009.



Sixeart achieved international fame in 2008 when he was commissioned by the Tate Modern in London to paint a mural on the building’s iconic river façade alongside fellow internationally acclaimed artists Os Gemeos, Faile, Blu, Nunca, and JR. This was the first major public museum display of street art in London.

His mixture of psychedelic abstraction and comic book-inspired figuration has become an essential element of the urban fabric in his hometown, Barcelona. His work has a childlike innocence combined with an almost hallucinogenic sense of second sight.

“Sinister tragicomedy with notes of psychopathology and touches of acid” is one definition Sixeart himself has offered of his unique style.

Having painted from an early age, Sixeart made a name for himself as a graffiti writer before developing his own highly personal visual language with a host of recurring figures and animals. “My own universe of characters comes from a happy childhood and a close contact with mother nature,” he explains. “Also, I feel that that childish style of mine helps keep me younger.”

The dreamlike quality of his work shows an affinity with Surrealist artists such as Joan Miró, another native of Barcelona, alongside whose works his own are often displayed.