Salman Agah and Mike Ballard have dropped another gem in the form of their epic coffe table books titled Skatebook. The third installment features more of the trademark photography that documents skateboarding in all its excellence from the past and present. There is also an amazing chapter that features Bart Simpson skating at some of the most well known and important skate spots like: Carlsbad, the El Toro 20-stair (I grew up nearby and remember people getting wrecked attempting the 20-stair. Oakley and Adidas’ Dave Bachinsky kickflipped the hell out of this in the Oakley Our Life video — a must see), the Sunset Car Wash Gap, and numerous iconic Southern Cali locations. There is also a chapter that features a retrospective look at classic skateboarding stickers from the 80s and 90s. All in all, this newest edition of Skatebook just as amazing as its predecessors and is a must have for any fans of skateboarding, or just plain old great photography. The books are available through traditional skateboarding distributors and through the Skatebook site.