Here is an insightful look at a book from two renowned Japanese photographers Yoshiki Suzuki and Tomoki Takacho. Entitled Skulls, this publication makes for a great release on many levels.


Yoshiki Suzuki was inspired by the world of photographs and decided to pick up a camera. Since then, he has been taking photographs while coming into contact with various cultures around the world through his travels. Yoshiki is now working on a wide range of projects, such as image projects and producing catalogs of many fashion brands. His photographs, which seem to convey the temperature of the objects, stimulate the sense of viewers. His woks in various genres are highly esteemed.


Tomoki Takacho established REFUSE in 1999 for his activities as an artist. He has developed many brands centered around silver accessories including Loud Style Design. While his primary focus is silver chasing, he continues to travel around the world and works on fashion styling, space design, writing columns, and directing photo shoots, etc… His activities cross over cultures and genres.