A: Is there a typical type of girl that you go for? What other characteristics do you look for?

R: I’m not looking for a sleazy, I can’t stand sleazy. I don’t like fetish-y, I don’t like suicide girl types. I mean it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just I prefer… I shot girls with tattoos about 20 years ago, so I am more looking for people that aren’t as marked up. Although, there are a few in the series that have some marks on them.

A: You tend to stay away from tattoos and piercings now?

R: Yeah.

A: Has the prevalence of tattoos and piercings drastically changed over time and 15-20 years ago did you tend to really go for those kinds of girls?

R: Yeah, there was a period in the 90s where I was shooting. Girls in the early 90s were just starting to get tattoos, and it was more of a kind of special thing I guess. They started getting pierced, and I started to shoot that. That fad has come and gone I think. Well, I don’t know if it’s gone, but it’s definitely.. I don’t see girls wearing belly button rings anymore. I occasionally do, I think there’s one girl in that whole series that had a belly button ring. But if it was around 2000 or in the 90s you would’ve seen a lot more. Like every girl probably would’ve had one. There was one girl that’s wearing one, and it was like how did she get lost in this time warp, where was she? And not just an ordinary belly button ring, she had a big chain with a diamond hanging off it, like a stripper thing. And the thing for pubic hair, it’s all over the place. I was asking girls on this particular trip, beforehand part of the instructions I asked was, if the girls could grow out their arm pit hair or their bush that would be great. The more natural the better.

A: You’re meeting a lot of people for the first time, when you are doing your work. How do you go about breaking the ice? Or is that not really necessary with the kind of girls you are working with?

R: No, there is definitely a moment where, I’ve organized to shoot someone and I’ve talked to her in an email. Then there’s the moment when I walk in, and I’m like “Ok, so let’s see these clothes you have?” that’s usually where we start, and I say “start trying on these clothes” and we just get right into the work. There’s definitely always a “first moment”.

A: Do you ever have to do anything to make them feel at ease?

R: I say, “Could you lose those clothes? (laughs) could you lose the top, could you lose bra, you can keep your panties on.” Usually I’ve met them briefly before, I usually try to meet them at the casting a day or a week before. Then I talk to them for five or ten minutes. So that’s the initial step and I just ask them what they’re up for and what the limits are, things like that.

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