I’m one of the biggest Print Magazine fans you’ll ever meet, my office, my house, everywhere is stacked roof high, but with that said, its been a while since I’ve been truely inspired by a new magazine in the marketplace. I stick with those that have been around a while, and was convinced new players in the market had a tough time breaking through, till I found out about Sneeze Mag. With every page designed to function as a poster and with a genuine feel about its distribution and concept, its a Zine turned good. I decided to find out more about why Sneeze was such as success, and caught up with the man behind the magazine, Nic Fensom.

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When was the last time you were truly inspired by something? How did it move you?

I was inspired by the white Ducati 848. It’s so sick. Made me want to get my motorcycle license.

What is the one thing that has most enabled you to succeed in the magazines business?

We’ve just started out so there is still so much to accomplish in order to be successful. Right now the streetboxes have given us some success and they show our commitment. The magazine business is tough but everyone working at Sneeze loves it. Our less is more approach, poster size format and distribution hope to bring success. We aren’t trying to get all artsy or flatter ourselves or seem like we are trying too hard so hopefully that will also bring success.


What does “street” – as in streetwear or streetbox – mean to you (other than the literal)?

Streetbox really just means the literal. It’s on the street, you can get it on the street at anytime. There isn’t too much underlying meaning there. It’s a classic distribution method. It doesn’t mean our content is only street though.

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Who are your favorite historic figures in art/ music/ fashion etc?

Not historic but Peter Chung does all three. He’s one of the most talented.

What magazines/ books are you currently reading?

Haven’t been reading too many magazines or books lately. Mostly nytimes.com and espn.com. Can’t really get excited over magazines anymore. Waiting for Richardson A4 if that will ever come?


What music are you currently listening to?

iTunes on shuffle has made me sick of all music. Usually I podcast the Jim Rome show everyday! ha.

What is your everyday uniform?

Without sounding like a try hard, it’s usually Supreme. Old Supreme is the best and always timeless.

What is the best place in the world?

Haven’t travelled the world so I’m not sure. Japan has been the best place I’ve been to so far. Definitely travelled to too many cities lately, I’d like to escape somewhere tropical and isolated next.


When was the turning point at which you realized you wanted Sneeze Mag to be more than a regular skate magazine – or any magazine for that matter?

Sneeze is just about the mix. All the other mags focus on one thing and we just wan’t to have a few pages for everyone. Underneath Sneeze is a skate mag but are we all about it? No. Sprinkling a little in is nice and makes the skateboarding you do see more special, rather than be page after page of skating. The same applies to any other subject matter, I’d be happy to see one nice fashion page rather than an entire magazine of it. The current issue has a random baseball theme, so just mixing in different unexpected references. We tried for months to get an interview with Darryl Strawberry but kept getting shut down. Unexpected Claudia cover too ha.

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What’s next for Sneeze Mag?

Working on distribution, getting boxes into more cities. It’s a huge procedure getting a single box on the street and has taken so much time and energy. Getting permits, insurance, endless paper work and dealing with unfriendly city workers wanting to immediately shut you down. Although we’ve had some really helpful people too who seem interested in getting a box into their city. If shops want to carry the issue please feel free to email us. Other than that, just trying to confirm content and advertising for issue 3.

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Be sure to check out Sneeze Mag online for more info, and of course pick up a copy where you can!