Here is another look at one name that will surely make a huge impact at “Bailout,” Andrew Pommier. Located in Vancouver Pommier’s unique approach will add a defining part of the exhibition we have compiled and that is only day away from opening. Take a look at Andrew’s thoughts on the show and commercial art below.

SLAMXHYPE – Please introduce yourself and what is your background?

ANDREW POMMIER – My name is Andrew Pommier, I’m a drawer and painter and an artist for hire. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a major in Drawing and Painting. I currently live in Vancouver BC. and I have been here for about 5 years. At present live in a downtown drafty coach house with my girlfriend and a cat.

SXH – Can you tell us a bit about your artwork for the show?

AP – The drawing came about as just a funny maybe even stupid image I came up with one day while riding my bike around. When I was contacted about this show this seemed to be the most fitting image for the show. The nice thing was it was an idea I had already thought about so it didn’t get labored down with the pressure of doing something

SXH – How did you interperate and execute the title “Bailout”?

AP – The thinking about this piece is that the mouse costumed figure is on a lunch break from his job as a mascot in an amusement park so he’s grabbing an instant soup. The scene is in a time where iconic characters have merged together. The Hello Kitty head could be his mask or another mascots. It is meant to be unclear.

SXH – What is your take on commercial art?

AP – It pays my bills.

SXH – How do you plan to celebrate the holidays?

AP – My girlfriend and I are driving up to my mom’s for the holidays

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