Here is one name who runs to his own beat, Australian based and SLAMXHYPE blogger Anthony Lister. Contributing with his unique approach and style, “Bailout” has another great name to include as the opening beckons.

SLAMXHYPE – Please introduce yourself and what is your background?

ANTHONY LISTER – My name is Anthony Lister. My background is in hostage situations and manipulation.

SXH – Can you tell us a bit about your artwork for the show?

AL – No, I don’t remember which piece my assistant sent you, sorry.

SXH – How did you interperate and execute the title “Bailout”?

AL – I bailed out by giving less of a fuck than anyone else involved.

SXH – What is your take on commercial art?

AL – Whatever.

SXH – How do you plan to celebrate the holidays?

AL – With chevy chase

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