Here is the final instalment of our profile’s on the artists who put together some great things for “Bailout”. Joe Hahn, more renown for his musical talents has made some really big moves in the art scene of late and his work for “Bailout” is a prime example. Read on to see his inspiration and what the concept of “Bailout” means to Joe.

SLAMXHYPE – Please introduce yourself and what is your background?

JOE HAHN – My name is Joe Hahn. I’m a professional musician. However, my background is in art. I attended Art Center College Of Design studying illustration. Shortly after dropping out I began a career as a character designer in the film/ special fx industry. That is where I received film training and eventually became a director. Recently, I got bored and started a small clothing label called SURU and opened our flagship store in Hollywood on Melrose Ave.

SXH – Can you tell us a bit about your artwork for the show?

JH – This painting was originally inspired by the Yeti creature illustrated by my good friend, Jeff McMillan. It is sort of a remix of something he has done.

SXH – How did you interpret and execute the title “Bailout”?

JH – This painting has nothing to do with bailout.  I think that I forgot to pay attention to the theme. Sorry.

SXH – What is your take on commercial art?

JH – At one point I struggled being a commercial artist.  It was difficult to make money doing so. So I decided to do something easier and make music.  It’s been working out so far.

SXH – How do you plan to celebrate the holidays?

JH – For the holidays, I will try to consume in order to stimulate the economy while being environmentally unfriendly.

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