Here is a name I am more than happy to have included to the list of names at “Bailout” and that is New Zealand based Misery. Having paved her way onto the Australasian scene, she is now proving to be a huge hit on the world scale with here impressive and eye catching Misery Characters. Check out all the details for the show here, and read on for a glimpse of Misery’s work for the exhibition.

SLAMXHYPE – Please introduce yourself and what is your background?

MISERY – My name is Misery, I live in Auckland New Zealand. I paint characters of animals and little girls mostly. They are often very sweet and innocent like with a dash of something dark and twisted. I have loved painting and drawing since I was a small child. When I was 16 I became friends with a bunch of graffiti writers. They were always encouraging me to come out and paint with them. I started going out with my paints and a big jar of Indian ink and putting up my characters around Auckland city. This led to many art shows in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Germany, France.

My Misery Characters quickly grew into the production of Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, stationary and animation. There are many things I would love to see my work applied to. For now my focus is first and foremost making art, painting and exhibiting around the globe.

SXH – Can you tell us a bit about your artwork for the show?

M – My work for the show, is based on our environment, the manufactured world we are born in to where consumerism is brainwashed into us right from the start. How we spend everyday feeding the consumer monster because this is what many of us are taught will bring happiness and fulfillment, how we are ruled by the dollar to make what we believe will create a perfect world.

SXH – How did you interperate and execute the title “Bailout”?

M – I wanted to work with the idea of a circus, all the characters are sad with painted on happy faces. The obese clown lady is the consumer machine. Her bottom half is like a meat grinder. people must feed her constantly. She stuffs her face with cakes. The sad clowns turn the grinder which poors out a fountain of oil, in to a sort of underworld. where babies sleep being watched over by a voodoo clown woman cluttering their dreams with the want of manufactured goodies. kids eating fast food. dollar girls that are slaves to the evil ring master being pulled along on his segway.

SXH – What is your take on commercial art?

M – I’m not sure? Commercial art is fine as long as there’s a balance I guess.

I often get hassled if I take on a commercial job, get called a sell out etc. But you know you have to make a living. So as much as I don’t particularly love doing those kinds of jobs sometimes you need to. I’d much rather be making paintings for me. I think that’s the reason I love graffiti/ street art so much. It’s not for money or anyone really, just for fun and cos I enjoy it.

SXH – How do you plan to celebrate the holidays?

M – Probably at the beach, My mum has a beautiful house on Auckland’s West Coast.
I’ll probably hang out there a lot, spend some time with my dog. have dinner parties, I love cooking for people. drink some wine. go for bush walks in the forest by our place. There are a bunch of cool festivals here over summer, so maybe some road trips and a bit of that.


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