Sonic Youth have been involved not only in the music industry since their formation in 1981, but in a wide variation of mediums of creational discipline such as conceptual art, photography, cinema and design. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo is paying tribute to the band’s multidisciplinary ventures and holding an exhibition entitled Sonic Youth Sensational Fix which has been open since early February and will remain on show until May 2nd 2010.

Curator Roland Groenenboom has put together a visual feast of Sonic “parafernalia” including pósters, flyers, album covers, drawings, lyrics and music gear. Also showing will be works from artists such as William S. Burroughs, Paul McCarthy, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman and Patti Smith all showing the close relationship between their work and the band and their interest to be in touch with the international contemporary culture surrounding them.

The art centre also will present various parallel activities centred around Sonic Youth and experimental music, such as workshops for children, special cinema presentations and a pair of concerts curated by Sonic Youth presenting Bestia Ferida and Macromassa.

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