We rarely take the chance to feature apothecary pieces but the truth of the matter is a sound body and home is just as vital to your well being as the style / fashion sense you portray. I recently came across the Denmark based label Sort of Coal and have been fascinated by their produces ever sense. I will spare you the long form story behind their pieces and in short will tell you that they have perfected production of purifying white charcoal from japanese Binchotan, Hakutan, Bamboo and Red Pine. Thought to be extremely beneficial through bodily intake as well as in the home, Sort of Coal has created a collection of well executed pieces to aid in our well being and purification. Their product line includes everything ranging from shampoo to water and air purification in some of the best packaging we have seen. You can read more about their process for creating white charcoal here. The entire line can be purchased through their webstore.