Throughout the past year Soulland have been working on a very special project, which we can preview for you today. Soulland has designed a postage stamp for the Danish postal service, Post Danmark. The Soulland postage stamp is one of two fashion stamps being revealed and released on August 4th. 2011, the first in Danish history.

“We got a call over a year ago and on the other end of the phone was a voice asking me if I wanted to make a stamp. At first I thought it was a joke but when I realized it wasn’t I immediately said yes. It’s such a privilege to make a stamp. A lot of the people who have made stamps are some of the most interesting people Denmark has to offer. I don’t know if I belong in their company, but it’s really an honor!” – Silas Adler, Soulland.

“I can’t reveal too much about the stamp before August 4th, but I can say that it centers on menswear accessories. For me menswear is about details and editing to reach a core and this comes across well in menswear accessories; they have to be simple and a useful part of everyday life” – Silas Adler, Soulland.

Working on the postage stamp has influenced the creative processes at the Soulland studio through out the past year. It is therefore only natural that the Soulland spring/summer 2011 collection, Postmodern, follows it the footsteps of the postage stamp.

“I’ve been working on the stamp for such a long time that I’ve been able to come back to it over and over again.
Usually when I design a collection there isn’t always a lot of time to make decisions, so working on the stamp has been a very new and interesting process. In my preparation for making the stamp I studied different stamps, postal uniforms and the esthetics of the Danish postal service. This created the foundation for the stamp but also for the upcoming spring/summer 2012 collection, Postmodern” – Silas Adler, Soulland.

The Soulland postage stamp will be revealed on August 4th 2011 in Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week. From this day on the postage stamp will be available at all post offices in Denmark as well as on