Space Invader gives us a look at how his mosaic tile artworks are created and put on the streets. His tile artworks have been spotted on the streets of metropolis cities all around the world- all of which are a part of his on-going global invasion endeavor that began over a decade ago in the early 90’s.

The video was taken in November 09 while he was in London for LAzaride’s Grifters exhibition (Which is still on exhibit till the 16th of January), Invader talks us through his process, from cement to numbering to marking the location on his iPhone. The piece shown is titled LDN 116 (the 116th piece in London). A great look into the creation process of these artworks, and a bit of commentary on the side giving insight into the thoughts and ideas of the Parisian artist.  Take a look below.

Info: Babelgum

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