Here is an exciting release in the form of the highly anticipated Angry Youth Comix Vinyl figurine’s designed by Johnny Ryan who created the special comic entitled “The New Depression”. These vinyl figurine’s are based on the popular characters Loady McGee and Sinus O’Gynus from Johnny Ryan’s ANGRY YOUTH COMIX. Loady McGee is the spikey-haired, zit-faced jerk who loves watching snuff movies and eating teddy grahams. Sinus O’Gynus is America’s #1 wimp and Loady’s favorite punching bag. The Loady McGee doll comes with a broken bottle, a baseball bat with a nail in it, and a dead fish. The Sinus O’Gynus doll comes with a knife, a paddle ball game, and a dead fish. Sinus also has a REAL bloody slit on his back for real back-stabbing fun. The figures ship in dirty outhouse themed boxes. Each box is highly detailed outside and inside, magnetic door for the “private” business. Produced and Manufactured by Span of
Sunset, Inc. Limited Edition. Available individually and as a set.

Be sure to check out the amazingly funny comic by Johnny Ryan called “The New Depression”

Also read the A.Y.C. Vinyl Dolls review via Vice Magazine as well as Johnny Ryan monthly comics strip in Vice Magazine’s monthly comics strip. Angry Youth Comix Sinus and Loady are now available for purchase at Span of Sunset store and online.

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