By far one of the most outstanding moments in my childhood was reading this book; Where The Wild Things Are. The story, the illustrations and the fantasy were beyond anything I had seen before, so we are not surprised to find out that Spike Jonze has brought this book to the big screen. Creating an adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book, The New York Times Magazine recently took a look at the visionary creator, Spike Jonze. 

Where the Wild Things Are is arguably of a piece with Jonze’s earlier works; it features moments of transcendent beauty and moments of profound silliness. Clearly Jonze’s most personal film to date, and it is also his most ambitious. To bring Sendak’s characters to the screen, Jonze used a complicated mix of computer animation and giant monster suits. He shot in the forests of southern Australia, which required convening a crew of more than 150. The costume department alone was larger than the entire crew of Being John Malkovich. Variety put the film’s budget at $80 million, and other estimates go as high as $100 million. ‘

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