United States President Bill Clinton will join international recording artists Will.I.Am and David Guetta, along with director Spike Lee, to launch MASSIVEGOOD, an innovative fundraising movement that will enable travelers to make a “micro-contribution” towards major global health causes every time they buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room or rent a car.
MASSIVEGOOD launches with a series of three events in New York City. On February 26th, the short film MASSIVEGOOD was presented at the New York Times Travel Show luncheon before 500 invitees. This will was followed by an event on March 2nd, where Grammy Award-winning recording artist Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) recorded a new song, “MASSIVEGOOD”, written and produced in collaboration with international DJ, David Guetta. In addition, director Spike Lee premiered a new 1-minute film, “Masterpieces,” made for MASSIVEGOOD and featuring international recording artist Mary J. Blige, Hollywood stars Samuel L. Jackson, and Susan Sarandon, along withwriter Paul Auster and physicist Brian Greene.

Here is a look at the short film ‘Masterpieces’ below.

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  1. Takeshi

    What a great film, with great people, for a great cause!