Stash’s participation in “Hadiith” currently up in Dubai, along with Futura and Phil Frost, marks a point of distinction in an art career that has spanned decades. Together with Futura, Stash painted on-site in Dubai, creating exciting original artwork specifically for this exhibition. KRUNK is proud to announce that two of his inspired works have been brought into the collection of Bahrain royalty, by the crown prince.

Cuadro Fine Art, collaborating with KRUNK on this historic three-month show, is extremely pleased with the reception of the trio of legandary urban artists in The Middle East’s cultural capital. The following updates will include a view of Phil Frost’s works (featuring mesmerizing large canvas and baseball-bat installations), coverage of the collector’s lunch and the momentous opening night. The following photos show Stash in action at The Shelter, Dubai’s best ‘innovation campus’.