Statuephilia at The British Museum is underway as of October 4th. The exhibition features works from Antony Gormley, Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Noble and Webster, and Ron Mueck. There are some really prolific works on display such as Marc Quinn’s Siren, which is a gold sculpture of Kate Moss in a Yoga position; there is also Dark Stuff by Noble and Webster, which is an amazing concoction of some various mummified animals molded together and impaled on a metal pole with a light projector showing the macabre/beautiful sculpture as a silhoutte of impaled heads; and there is also Damien Hirst’s Cornucopia, which is an array of skulls handpainted. The works by Ron Mueck and Antony Gormley are amazing as well with Mueck’s Mask II and Gormley’s Case for an Angel I. The exhibition is scheduled to run through January 25th.