ESPO’s newest work, a book compiling photos from his Love Letter Project which he curated in his home town of Philadelphia. Available soon for just $14.99.


Philadelphia-born artist Stephen Powers has an enduring love affair with his fair city. Working together with neighborhood residents to create the colorful text for the “Love Letter” project, Powers has painted individual messages along a 20-block stretch of the elevated subway line. The messages are personal in nature, but serve dual-duty, both as witty, nuanced reflections on the nature of love and relationships and as an overture to the city itself.

Love Letter, the book carefully documents the work, as painted in 30 parts stretching along a line of rooftops running parallel to the Market-Frankford elevated train line in West Philadelphia. The project was funded by a Pew Exhibitions Initiative (PEI) grant to the Mural Arts Program. By supporting The Mural Arts Program and Powers’ Love Letter project, the PEI has enabled the large scale installation of an illustrated love story as scribed by one of the city’s best known contemporary artists.


A Love Letter for You documents the creation of this unique and powerful series of paintings that speaks to the true give-and-take involved in a sustained love affair. Previously, Stephen Powers painted a love story in the streets of Dublin and Belfast in the spring of 2008 as a Fulbright Scholar.