Steve Nash x John Perry Portrait Sitting and Video Interviews

Back in 2007 Steve Nash and John Perry met while working on a commercial produced by Nike entitled “Training Day”, the piece was a glimpse into Steve Nash’s athletic lifestyle in New York City during his off-season. Having developed an affinity for his work, Nash undertook the first of a series of brief live sittings beginning in the summer of ’07 and ending this past summer.

Working on the portrait, in short increments over three years, produced an image both haunting and stunning in its simplicity. Here we sit down with both Perry and Nash, during and after their last session, to talk about their creative inspirations and plans for the future.

Steve Nash most recently directed and produced (through his production company Meathawk) “Into The Wind” a documentary about Terry Fox, just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and on ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. Perry, after having had both a solo show and work included in a group show at the MoCADA Museum in Brooklyn earlier this year, continues to work on a new body of paintings and his “Series Subterrania”– a chronicle of portraits begun in 1990 executed on the NYC subway system.

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