Popular image-maker, social commentator, and visual spokesperson Stuart Semple is due to exhibit at London’s hottest new gallery, Morton Metropolis, with an exclusive show of brand new works entitled ‘The Happy House’. Opening on 28th April the show will run through until 28th May 2010.

In his first UK solo exhibition in 3 years, Semple will return to the city where he first became recognised for his politically charged witticisms, presenting his most personal collection to date. Offering glimpses of his eccentric past and a much longed return to his natural colour-fuelled style, Semple’s latest series also signals a new era for the artist as he reveals provocatively illustrated works in which he finds himself and his social and political annotations woven into each individual work.

At Morton Metropolis, Semple’s compilation of works will flow like tracks on a musical album. Consisting of 10-12 paintings with a lyrical underscore provided through his signature use of text. Often incorrectly labeled as ‘Pop Art’ itself, Semple’s work creates a unique juxtaposition of bright colours with darker narratives. As Semple explains, “I feel I have been analysing popular culture from outside itself by using its own languages”. His work shouts loudly and fluently in the vernacular of a young media soaked generation, depicting a world that is absorbing and exciting, yet precariously underpinned by the hollow daily cycle of tabloids, Hollywood movies, and endless media intrusion.

Semple does not create work to be consumed along with popular culture but reverses and redefines the power of these memes to reveal narratives of deeper human interactions and emotions. His vision of reality is a reality that is at once tragic and beautiful; dazzling but sinister. Lurking beneath an almost sickeningly bright surface are all too real concerns about his generation, the artifice of media obsession, politics and disappointment.

Morton Metropolis, 41 – 42 Berners Street, London, W1T 3ND