Originally introduced back in 2009, the collaborative skateboard decks created by artists Damien Hirst and New York based skateboard company Supreme, were highly sought after pieces of art. Entitled “Diethylene Glycol,” after the famous painting created by Hirst, the boards featured a five decks with spots, each in different sizes and colors on the bottoms, and all used different medical and scientific symbols on their tops. Now, with a re-release, these boards will be available through Hirst’s publishing company Other Criteria, which specializes in working with artists to make limited editions of their work. Due to release in July 2011, you can find out more information online from Other Criteria’s website.

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  1. Paul

    this would be great except each deck is selling for 480 GBP which means you might as well buy the originals on ebay. this goes completely against what supreme does by releasing inexpensive collaborations with high profile artists.