Currently on show at Sutton Lane Gallery is an exhibition titled “What Where” featuring new works by Tauba Auerbach, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden and Zak Prekop.

The exhibition explores the continuing investigation of painting, narrowing its focus on multiple disciplinary practices concerning the traditional medium and the vicissitudes of such an undertaking. The title What Where, taken from Samuel Beckett’s final dramatic work, highlights the paintings’ indeterminacy or lack of easy categorization as well as the viewer’s inability to see the exhibition as a whole at any given time. The artists brought together here – though not all exclusively painters – share a methodical, process-based approach that emphasizes ascetic optical poetics, openness to mediated dealings with the format as well as minute attention to the material constructs of painting.

The exhibition deals not so much with the concept of abstraction but rather investigates painting as a functional model in relation to the subjective practices of its creators who utilize this accessible, conventional mode to exploit myriad possibilities within the confining parameters they have set for themselves. The artists gathered here are not specifically concerned with artistic movements or institutional critique; rather they individually seek to manipulate the established boundaries of painting in order to push it in a continual progression forward.

TaubaAuerbachFoldXV11Tauba Auerbach, Untitled Fold XVII, 2010

Alex-Hubbard-LondonAlex Hubbard, Untitled, 2010

Nathan-Hylden-London-on-aluminiumNathan Hylden, Untitled, 2010. acrylic on alluminum

ZakPrekopGreyDivisionZak Prekop, Grey Division. 2009.

Zak-Prekop-London-red-black-stripesZak Prekop, Untitled, 2010

ZakPrekopwithoutblacklinesZak Prekop, Paintings without Black Lines, 2009.

The ‘What Where’ Exhibition runs simultaneously at both Sutton Lane Gallery locations in London and in Paris till March. Check it out if you are in the area.


6 Rue de Braque
Paris, 75003

9 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH 2010
1 Sutton Lane
London EC1M 5PU

For more info visit their website here.