One of the world’s must see Gallery shows this month, Tauba Auerbach’s new collection of works entitled Here and Now/And Nowhere is on display at Deitch Projects at 18 Wooster Street until October 17th

tauba auerbach4

“The exhibition showcases five bodies of work: Crumple PaintingsStatic PhotographsFold Paintings, a sculpture that is situated half inside and half outside of the gallery, and the central work of the show, theAuerglass. The Crumple Paintings require the viewer to stand far away from the work to perceive the illusion of crumples, created by large Ben Day dots. The Fold Paintings, painted on raw canvas with an industrial paint sprayer, are a series of incrementally sized fold paintings, which represent the conversion of a previous three-dimensional state to two-dimensionality.”

tauba auerbach-install1

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