Here is a look at another impressive collection from Japanese label, Tenderloin. Featured recently on the December issue of Huge Magazine. The collection is presented in black and white and possesses a very distinct vintage Americana feel, something which we see quite frequently from Tenderloin. Founders Kei Hemmi and Toru Nishiura originally started the label 10 years ago whilst Kei was living in London and Toru in Los Angeles. Their friendship started when there were still in their teens whilst living in Tokyo and their mutual obsession for clothing was only a natural progression. Although reluctant to invest in advertising and other promotion means, their strong philosophy in providing quality products have earned them a great reputation, and solely through word-of-mouth, the label have over the years developed somewhat of a cult following and progressed into one of the strongest labels to come out of Japan. Certainly a personal favourite, take a look at the images below.



Thanks to images from CADMUSfamily